– Finished ninth

9th of 283 in the annual competition was pretty good going! If only my personal account had come back +100%….. more on that when i write up my 2016 NAPS.

I had BooHoo, Ithaca, Home Retail, Synety and Genel. The first 3 were rip roaring successes. Synety is on the watch list for signs of improvements…. They have been over promising for several years and may come good. Genel is quite a special and risky situation – if the oil price recovers I could see it rise many times over.



Enter here for 2016. I’ve opted for CAPD, HAT, GENL, WTM, STM

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  1. mcturra2000 says:

    An outstanding performance.

    I think you mean 2017, not 2016.

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