About Share Bear

This blog is a bit of an experiment really.

A track record of my progress

I like to think I have enough intelligence to make a profit from owning shares but time will tell and this website is in part a record of my progress – or lack thereof! See how i’m doing on the profit and loss page.

Curator of educational and interesting investment content

Over the past two years I have read and learnt enough to give me confidence to analyse and pick my own investments. Most of this knowledge has been self-taught through internet websites, blogs, message boards and experience. There is so much out there! I continue to learn and realise that many of the interesting and informative resources I find online could be shared with others who are improving their knowledge of shares and investing. I will use this website to share these resources and hopefully you find them as useful as I have.

A soundboard of thoughts, ideas and musings

I write about what I have been researching, reading or thinking about. All opinions are just that. They are certainly not advice or recommendations. Hopefully these posts will be of interest to many, they may spur investment ideas or discussion for some but I am not qualified or dare I say even competent enough to give advice.

My investing philosophy

I am open to a bit of risk and buy mainly UK AIM listed shares because of the potential upside. However I’m happy to buy or short sell anything I find interesting. My spiritual home is certainly well within the value investor spectrum.