UK Large Caps StockRanks NAPS – 2nd year performance

This is the second full year of running this portfolio and im pleased it has outperformed compared to slight underperformance in it’s first year. A reminder of the portfolio criteria: Approx 20 companies. Each stock circa 4.5% position. Each company must be >£1billion market cap Pick of 2 stocks from each of Stockopedia’s ten sectors […]

A letter to Investors: The Case for Bitcoin

A letter to Investors: The Case for Bitcoin In this article I give an ‘entry level’ overview to people already familiar with investing, as to why I believe Bitcoin is worthy of your attention. I touch superficially on many topics to provide a starting point for your own research and debunk some common misconceptions. Many […]

2019 Model Portfolios Performance

So how did these model portfolios do in 2019? The combined portfolio scores are on the performance page(weighting longs 2/3rds and shorts 1/3rd but the individual components are below: The NAPS discretionary shorts performance for the year was -11.6% so pretty good. The shorts were very volatile – plenty of 100% swings in both directions. […]

New Portfolio Strategy

Since starting investing years ago i have moved from barely tracking overall performance to annual reviews which attempt to track overall portfolio performance but this is hindered by the my various accounts, cash balances and leverages that have been used. My investing style was varied, entirely discretionary and ad-hoc. I would like to more clearly […]

UK Large Caps StockRanks NAPS – 1 Year Performance Review

It’s a year since I created a rules based dummy portfolio which I’ve been tracking on Stockopedia’s fantasy funds. The aim of this was to see if I can’t beat an imagined institutional fund, by only investing in larger companies in an attempt to beat the market. I also created some other model portfolios with […]