Portfolio Performance

This page will be used to track portfolio performance and act as a public record over many years to come. The % performance numbers should be taken as a close approximation – some portfolios are harder to work our performance metrics for but i’ve done my best to be as exact as possible.

I’ve formalised the portfolios that i will manage and track. These include a number of ‘model’ portfolios which i’ve spent some time thinking about and deciding on –  look for a post on this soon explaining the rules and purpose for each.

A quick review after 2023 shows that my discretionary NAPS portfolio is only beating the FTSE 350 by a couple of percent after 5 years – not wholly inspirin. However my stockchallenge entries, where i pick 5 longs, has massively outperformed and is up over 10x in 10 years.

Portfolio   2015 2016 2017 2018 20192020202120222023Notes
Personal/StockRanks NAPS Mix (discontinued)(long only)24.2%17.8%1%discontinuedDiscretionary stock choices with a loose high StockRank bias which I've tracked on the blog - see posts here.
StockRanks NAPS(long & short)n/an/an/an/a19.5%-9.5%10.6%2.1%-0.3%A systematic StockRanks NAPS portfolio with some discretion used.
StockRanks NAPS(long only)n/an/an/an/a23.4%1.1%15.5%-13.2%-9.4
This is the long only part of the portfolio above.
Mechanical StockRanks NAPS(long & short)n/an/an/an/a-4.1%-4.1%7.5%-4.3%7.9%Purely systematic and mechanical following pre-set rules. No discretion used.
UK Large Caps StockRanks NAPS(long only)n/an/an/an/a-2.4%7.6%2.2%-4.3%3.8%Long only companies with market cap greater than £1bn. I'm tracking this here Portfolio runs Sept to Sep. Updates made in Sep.
Personal Purely Discretionary(long & short)no datano datac. 65%
(largely bitcoin profits)
tbc-33% (losses mainly shorting US markets)Purely discretionary stock selections and trading. Although I started earlier, I only have reliable figures for 2017. In 2017 the gains were solely due to cryptocurrency investments.
Family Member Portfolio - Discretionary(long only)n/a30.8%*2.4%tbcn/an/aA portfolio I have been administering for a family member. Purely discretionary with no rules. Portfolio started October 2015 (*2016 figure includes last quarter of 2015).
UK Stock Challenge Competition(long only)49.2% 100.2% 16.9% 0.59%24.8%40.1%6.7%-13.5%113%Every year I enter the UK stockchallenge - picking 5 companies to do well. Alias 'shauniekent'.
Benchmark - FTSE 35014.0%-13.7%14.4%-3%+2.9%