Model Portfolios for 2020

<03/01/21 re-uploading portfolio images after they were lost in webhosting upgrade – see next post for review of performance>

The NAPS discretionary long has a mid cap blend bias whereas the NAPS discretionary short has a mid cap growth bias. There were no longs or shorts within the telecoms sector to select that fit the criteria.

Again i find it difficult choosing stocks within the rules as i often don’t have an opnion or i simply don’t want to buy housebuilders for example! But the rules are there for a purpose and i follow them. I was more than happy to include Capital Drilling and HAT who i believe are both going to benefit from a rising gold price.

I find the shorts much easier to pick however I did not like having to pick Hurricane Energy as a mechanical short – i have picked this as one of my 5 stocks for the annual competition!

The selections for 2020 are below.

NAPS Discretionary Long 2020

NAPS Discretionary Short 2020

Mech NAPS Short 2020

Mech NAPS Long 2020

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