UK Large Caps StockRanks NAPS – 3rd year performance

This is the third year of running this portfolio and it’s underperfromed the benchmrk FTSE350. The portfolio returned 2.2% vs FTSE350 24%.

Rubbish! Looking at stockopedia data, the top stockranked companies did outperform in the last year, so it suggests my selections were poor/bad luck.

The 3 worst performers were all gold miners. Perhaps next year they will be the outperformers?

Stockopedia are stopping their fantays funds functionality so i’ll be tracking this fund with their standard portfolio functionality from now on.

A reminder of the portfolio criteria:

  • Approx 20 companies. Each stock circa 4.5% position.
  • Each company must be >£1billion market cap
  • Pick of 2 stocks from each of Stockopedia’s ten sectors with stockrank >90. If there are none I will relax this to SR>80. If there are still no matches, I will not select a company.
  • I may choose up to 3 companies above $1m market cap at entirely my own discretion

The individual company performance for the past year:

This years picks

Following portfolio rules i have selected the below for 2020-21. Nearly every sector had available companies to select except for Telecoms. I picked 2 discretionary pick which was the gold miner Centamin and retailer BooHoo.

Lets see if i can improve on last year.

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