UK Large Caps StockRanks NAPS – 5th year performance

Posting this a couple days late and ran the portfolio a couple days over this year due to time committments elsewhere.

A couple of my picks delisted, so have calculated their return from start to delisting:

  startfinal price% change
source biodelisting122.5115-6.1%
contourglobalscheme of arrangement256251-2.0%
yamanaplan of arrangement39547520.3%
Portfolio Overall1 year performance  3.8%
Ftse 3501 year performance41444134-0.2%

So a positive performance, beating ftse350 – but nothing exciting. But losing value when accounting for inflation so i’m still worse of than 1 year ago.

My last years 3 discretionary picks were all precious metals and they rose on average 9%. So my discretionary picks worked. I continue the theme with precious metals and this year my 3 picks were Endeavour mining, Anglo American and Wheaton Precious Metals as I think we are entering an era (5-10 years) of commodities out-performance.

Last years performance:

And my new picks are:

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