2024 Portfolios

I havent been paying much attention to the stock markets this year and did not have much time to select these portfolios – so i have little feeling over whether my discretionary portfolios will do beter than the mechanical.

I do expect Gold to do well, Bitcoin too of course, commodities generally. If there is a recession – or at least it makes the headlines and people all agree we are in arecession, then perhaps we see a market dip, followed by rallies when they turn the printing presses on to paper over it.

Mech NAPS Long 2024

Mech NAPS Short 2024

NAPS Discretionary Long 2024 – i didn’t have much of a strong opinion on anything as i havent followed stocks for a while – although i did get two gold exposed companies in this year which i expect to do well. I think i have opted for slightly smaller companies compared to the mechanical portfolio.

NAPS Discretionary Short 2024- not many low rank stocks to choose from – probably because markets have fallen the past year.

I wanted to short Carnival afyter such an impressive 2023, but it is SR 33 :-/ . Priced at 1,228.

Some of these i dont realy want to short looking at the chart patterns.

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