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Zoltav Resources – Oddball

November 20th, 2012 | Posted by shauniekent in Oddball Companies | Short - (0 Comments)

I have been reading Tom Winnifriths opinion that Zoltav Resources is in his opinion a short sell down to 0.25p. To sum it up they have enough cash to last them until mid next year having received a loan from their biggest shareholder.

I had a quick browse of the financial statements and it seems they have under a million pounds of assets/investments and cash. Their market cap is £15m. Their business strategy as far as I can tell is about acquiring resources licences/opportunities. How can they acquire anything with bugger all money?

So to me this seems a doomed company but I’d be reluctant to short it as some vaguely positive news could give a short term spike upwards in the share price and stop you out. And surely the bad news is priced in and all the sensible investors are sold up right (leaving the stubborn cavalier few)? I get the impression with companies that are on the verge of failure often attract some fanatical/cavalier investors who imagine that because it has gone so low, it will rise at least somewhat. Maybe that’s anchoring or filtering bias.

Tricorn Group (TCN)- Fall after contract loss overdone? TCN revealed the loss of a contract to Rolls Royce at the end of last week. The contract will not be renewed past the end of this year. Price dropped further over the weekend as investors sold and it currently sits at 19p from around 28p a week previous – just over 30% drop.

A poster on the Motley Fool message board posted his opinion that the fool may be overdone:

A quick glance at the balance sheet from March 2012 shows roughly £6m assets not including good will of which £2.47m is cash. Compare this to the present market cap of £6.28m. However with £1.7m forecast profit before tax for year ending 2013 and £2.18m for year end 2014 I’m wondering what effect this will have on profit forecasts. Note, the contract has not ended yet so will contribute to this years profit.

It does seem like a large fall for a contract that amounts to 11% of the groups revenue. I don’t have the knowledge to assess just how much this will impact the bottom line so I’m not going to dive in.

First Group (FGP) Half year results Wednesday

November 5th, 2012 | Posted by shauniekent in My positions - (0 Comments)

A little rally from FGP in the last couple of days as we get closer to half year results on Wednesday. I bought these after their drop on news their West Coast franchise win had been revoked due to problems with the bid process. The drop seemed too much and at 190p seems to be the floor for the past 6 months. Forecast EPS puts them on a low P/E rating of around 6.9 which seems too low for a very large profit making company. The yield is large and in the last trading statement 2nd October the board affirms its commitment to continue increasing dividend by 7%.

“…the Board remains committed to its current policy of dividend growth of 7.0% through to the end of the financial year 2012/13.”

This was said only a month before half year results and declaration of the interim dividend. The risk of course is that with lower profits the dividend cover has dropped. Historically it looks like it’s been covered about twice over, at present this looks to be about only 25-30% cover.  I am hoping for half year results in line with expectations and a dividend increase of 7% maintained.

Prudent management perhaps would focus on paying back some of the large debt rather than maintaining a progressive dividend policy. Perhaps this signals management confidence. Either way I am looking for a rise over the next month before I sell.

Also, Trinity Mirror (TNI) interim management statement on Thursday. I want to buy and I’m confident long term holders of TNI will make a profit…I’d just rather try and judge how low the share price might go with regard to the phone hacking allegations. I will do some more thinking today about buying in before a potentially bullish management statement on Thursday.

Trinity Mirror (TNI) – Superb value, just when to buy?

October 31st, 2012 | Posted by shauniekent in On my watchlist - (0 Comments)

A favourite value share amongst private investors is Trinity Mirror – owner of the Mirror newspaper and various regionals.

The share price has languished in the twenties this year before taking off and reaching the seventies. The funny thing is, this company is still stupidly cheap with a P/E of just over 2! A great write up can be found here, it’s a little old but the value case still holds true. So why not pile in?

My only quibble is the emergence of phone hacking allegations against the company. Until now TNI has not been prosecuted of sued for these claims. Very recently a lawyer has launched civil claims representing a handful of minor celebrities against TNI. The financial damage is likely to be small, especially when compared to TNI’s cash flow but the fresh allegations sent the share price down 20%. It has since recovered most of that but I am nervous to buy in now, knowing that developments in these allegations could present even better buying opportunities in the coming months.

I’m waiting on the sidelines with interest.

Indigovision Special Dividend (IND)

October 31st, 2012 | Posted by shauniekent in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

I bought some Indigo Vision shares yesterday after looking for an opportunity to buy since their large increase in price over the last month or so – due to their very positive trading update and announcement of a special dividend. Today is the ex-div date for their special dividend of 70p. I had wondered if the share price would drop by more than the dividend, the exact amount, or less. I hoped for a drop of less obviously or a bounce but it turns out the share price has dropped by just under 80p! This means that had I waited and bought today I would have saved 10p / 411.57p = 2.4%

Perhaps for the majority of buyers the tax liability on dividends works out less than the capital gains of selling before the dividend.

Never mind, my curiosity has been satisfied and I’m more than happy to hold this company given its optimistic outlook .

First Post!

October 31st, 2012 | Posted by shauniekent in Uncategorized - (0 Comments)

I’ve been thinking about getting this up and running for a while and I finally got here. I hope to make regular updates. I’ve got lots of interesting things to share and I will be tagging my posts extensively so useful content is easy to find. Let me know if it’s any good! Share Bear!