Shaun’s Shorts ADVFN thread – Companies to sell or short

I informally keep track of short calls I make on various companies over the last 2 years. I post them all on my own ADVFN thread and log the opening and closing prices in the header. I post in the message box when I open and close a position so the dates and prices can be verified.

So far I’ve done outstandingly well.

32 short calls initiated in 2015 closed. 6 short calls initiated in 2016 closed. Overall i have got 32 correct and 5 where i’ve made a loss. That’s an 86% correct call track record!

43 total slots closed since inception with average profit of 36.8%. For those opened in 2015, average gain was 41.2% and for those opened in 2016 average profit was 32.4%. This ignores positions still open (24 of them)

If anyone else is interested in potential sort calls, do come and discuss them. This thread is a record of my ‘conviction’ shorts -ass opposed to my watchlist which i store in a stockopedia portfolio to keep tabs on.

Note this is a ‘fantasy’ short portfolio. I may have real life positions or may not. I wish they matched exactly as my real world performance has fallen far short of the fantasy portfolio…. More to be revealed in a separate post but safe to say I have learnt much about the art of shorting the last 2 years including sizing positions correctly and trying to second guess the market!

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